Thomas Okuma - President


Welcome to the Vancouver Okinawa-ken Yuaikai & Canada-Okinawa Federation.
Vancouver Okinawa-ken Yuaikai was estrablished in the spring of 1975. Many families of new immigrants who immigrated from Okinawa in the early 70's seeking friendship gathered to form the association hence called "Yuaikai" translated in English as "Friendship Association"

The first Okinawan association in Canada was formed in Vancouver in 1909 by the late Yasuanno Makishi, the first Okinawan immigrant from Okinawa but due to limited employment, WWII and eventual segregation towards Japanese living on the west coast of Canada, many of the Okinawans had relocated to other parts of the country and the association was eventually disbanded in 1942.

The current Yuaikai is in its 43rd year of establishment. We now have over 120 famiilies in our association with well over 350+ members.

With many of our annual social events, we stride to encourage families of the Okinawan descendants to join our association so that we can share our unique culture and to pass on our traditions to our future generations.


Our Board

Members of the association who have volunteered their time throughout the year for the association.